About Us


Space-Eyes product offerings represent a teaming arrangement between established Geospatial capabilities that collectively deliver timely and appropriate actionable intelligence for the maritime domain. We expect to collect geospatial data from +/- 30 space sensors (critical mass) by early 2019 and scale there onwards. The online geospatial capability brings to bear a federation of space sensors with contextual analytics.

Note: Discussion with Satellite Operator Airbus to federate data is ongoing.

We host the online portal, CATE™ analytics technology and all the data on AWS (Amazon Web Services™) which has multiple mirror sites world wide for quick dissemination. Please visit www.Cloudping.info to locate the closest server to your location. We recognize that in the increasingly complex maritime domain persistent surveillance and actionable intelligence are insatiable needs to address asymmetric threats that are on the rise so we have combined (2) disciplines to deliver Information Dominance. These disciplines address Maritime Situational Awareness and Maritime Domain Awareness.


The radar satellite market was defined by pixels but that is changing to include derived Analytics from Big Data and Actionable Information products..


We have four (4) online products today and are preparing additional product offerings for tomorrow as SAR adoption scales based on geospatial analytics products.

To better articulate our value proposition the key differentiators are:
  1. Our focus is specifically on Asymmetric and Militarized Threats
  2. We offer automated Threat Evaluation and user is able to customize queries
  3. Our satellite carries both SAR & AIS payloads collocated on same spacecraft
  4. We image using ‘S’ band (very good all weather performance)
  5. Our radar satellite offers a 400 Km swath in maritime mode
  6. We federate space sensors from multiple service providers to serve the client
  7. We integrate 50+ maritime data sources with geospatial data
  8. We offer Contextual Analytics, Change Detection and Pattern of Life
  9. Our cost effective Browser based products are offered as-a service
  10. We offer commercial, yet military grade UNCLASSIFIED products