GEOINT Mission To Deliver Space Based
“Broad Area Maritime Surveillance”

Aggregating UK, Canada and European SAR/Optical Satellites With Kinematic And
Non Kinetic Analysis To Deliver Space Based “Maritime Domain Awareness”

Value Drivers

We aggregate Geospatial, Non-Spatial, Structured and Unstructured maritime data for analysis.

We use Artificial Intelligence, Domain Intelligence, Bench marks and Suspicion Indicators for analysis.

We ascertain intent to identify nefarious
non-state actors and asymmetric threats.

We facilitate user created algorithms to query the single source data.


All the data is collected, ingested, compiled, analyzed and disseminated 24/7.

User generated Area of Interest delivers “Intelligence as-a Service” near real-time on latest data.

Analysis Portal hosted on Amazon Cloud with multiple mirror sites world wide.


All Threats, Risks, Infractions and Violations are supported by evidence.

All the Evidence is explained in clear English with reasoning.

Contextual Analytics of Threats is integrated and provided for users.

NovaSAR satellite launch