Space Sensor Operator

We currently have numerous AIS, Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical space sensors data integrated with a 24/7 data feed into our online Geospatial Maritime Analytics portal. Some of the early supporters include Orbcomm, Spire, Urthecast, ESA, Surrey Satellite and Airbus. We are always looking to add additional space sensors from emerging companies like Capella Space and other established satellite operators. We currently have critical mass to deliver valuable insight in the maritime domain for a war fighter and their Commander via our cutting edge Intelligence as-a Service (IaaS) product.

The revenue business model is flexible and to extrapolate
(1) We buy data for a flat fee
(2) We share revenue based on data utilization from particular sensors and
(3) We facilitate special tasking where revenue in allocated directly to the space sensor. In this representation the end user decides which space asset they wish to use.

Customer, User

We offer four (4) UNCLASSIFIED online offerings that are well described in the products section. The pricing is based on standard portal access fees and on-demand services per square kilometer. The user access contracts are fixed for 12 months, however there is no minimum spend requirements on Intelligence as-a Service. It is pay as you go. The ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) for a customer ranges between US$ 1 and 15 Million per year depending on the size of the Area of Responsibility they intend to frequently monitor and number of users.

From an ROI (Return on Investment) perspective it should be noted that we bring to bear assets with a capital expenditure exceeding US$ 150 Million, technology with heritage pedigree and operational experience in the South China Sea.

Technical requirements for the user are limited to a Google Browser using a fast internet. All the data is stored and served from the Amazon cloud. Monthly webinars will provide online training and help videos are hosted on the portal. Among various analytic capabilities the portal allows users to customize their interests in Vessels, Geographic Areas, Rules, Risk Models, Alerts etc and share with their organization. We estimate a new user would require 2 hour of initial training provided on joining and subsequently 1 hour via monthly webinars.

Users are restricted from sharing access credentials, their IP’s will be logged for compliance and additional measures are taken to ensure end user verification for the portals US Department of Commerce export license. Violators will be warned and access denied.

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