Actionable Information as-a Service

The Space-Eyes online portal delivers near real-time GEOINT on any area of interest created by the user in near real-time. The user is provided details on surface targets, potential threats and possible intent to harm the stakeholder.

User can interrogate the data for evidence on all rule violations including all the operational details associated with the surface targets (e.g. who is in control, where are they affiliated, who may be collaborating etc.). The online report is extensive with the level of details that would be expected by an intelligence analyst. This service is user generated, online 24/7 available on-demand. Pricing will be as per GSA schedule on a per square kilometer basis.

Tip & Cue Asymmetric Threats

The CATE™ analytics engine is continuously targeting surface targets (platforms) that may be used by non-state actors for nefarious activities and be used for asymmetric attacks. In this effort ascertaining intent is the key to mitigating a potential threat.

The Space-Eyes portal publishes this data internally and it is also compiled to deliver this data via API’s to 3rd party applications involved in mission control activities. In global choke points like Straits of Singapore access to this data in a timely manner becomes mission critical for national security purposes to prevent asymmetric attacks. It must be recognized that the stakeholder has to be right every time while the non-state nefarious actor has to be successful only once. This service is fixed for a particular area of interest and alerts are generated continuously 24/7, published online in the portal and sent machine-to-machine to the stakeholder. Pricing will be as per GSA schedule on a per square kilometer basis.

Temporal Threat Reasoning

The CATE™ engine is continuously analyzing all the surface targets and building meta-data for all the imagery gathered by the space sensors. These images are saved and used for subsequent change detection. The imagery is reflective of the threat reasoning in a user’s ‘Area of Interest”.

The system captures these activities over time and generates change detection that becomes valuable to the stakeholder trying to understand the expected ‘State of the Maritime Domain’. This product is delivered as a pattern of life and is based on latest and archived data and meta-data. The bulk of the data is maintained in a Hadoop database.

The user at a glance can see the projected “State of the Maritime Domain” for planning purposes. This service is user generated based on an area of interest, delivered online and available on-demand. Pricing will be as per GSA schedule on a per square kilometer basis.

Maritime GEOINT Awareness

The CATE™ analytics engine is continuously interrogating incoming data against 50+ data sources, suspicion indicators, embedded rules, algorithms, artificial and domain intelligence.

The results are a DNA on every identified surface target (tens of thousands worldwide). This allows the user community to know everything, verified and validated by space sensors (both SAR and Optical) in their region. This service provides access to the online portal and the use of all tools necessary to manage asymmetric threats. Pricing will be as per GSA schedule on a per user basis.