AI-Powered Predictions in climate & Maritime security

How We Deliver Intelligence @ Speed


  • We gather an astounding 2 TB of data every month from 75+ non-spatial data sources and 5+ space and airborne sensor phenomenology’s.


  • We process this data using over 500 industry benchmarks, 300+ suspicion indicators, and 100+ aggressor methods of operation.

  • Our automated TRL9 image processing system ensures efficiency. 


  • Our threat evaluation engine and oanalytics are fully automated, relying on 570+ user/AI-developed rules, GeoFences, and 50+ use cases from US and US Allies exercises.

Provide Insights

  • Automated insights from CATE™ (a Government SBIR Phase III funded program) are generated through dynamic track analysis, near real-time intelligence, and online situational reports.


  • We offer multiple delivery options, applications, data lakes, APIs, and containerized software, ensuring flexibility to meet the unique requirements of our stakeholders.