Data collection via radar satellites and other sources with simultaneous threat assessment and contextual analytics on the cloud. Space-Eyes
1. Geospatial data (SAR, AIS) is collected on the cloud from a 440 kg SAR Satellite in sun synchronous orbit with both sensors co-located on the satellite. Non-Spatial data is collected on the cloud over 50 maritime sources addressing maritime security, safety, governance, compliance, sanctions etc.

2. Threat Assessment and Contextual Analytics executed on the cloud near real time.

3. Disseminate actionable target information via online portal and API’s

Online Portal Users


Visualize Geospatial Analytics

Alerts, Tips & Cues

Validate Threats

Offerings - 24/7 Portal, API (Data), Satellite Tasking

Geospatial Analysis applicaions in Defence Intelligence, Governance, Law Enforcement, Compliance, Supply Chain, Financial Services, Risk Management, Blockchain etc. Horizontal offering across verticals