We have various industry experts on staff across multiple domains collectively providing domain intelligence support to the platform and end users.
Capt. Jatin S. Bains

Capt. Jatin S. Bains

Founder and leadership

since inception in 2001. Previously President of Gulf & Orient Steamship Line a ship operator in the USA - Asia trade. Prior to that he was President East Coast Overseas NYC, representing Government owned shipping companies from Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea etc. 10 years at Sea from Cadet to Ship Captain, Graduated from LBS Nautical College and SCI Institute. US DOS delegate to Asia Pacific Economic Forum on Maritime Security. Served on NORTHCOM, EUCOM maritime advisory groups. Speaker on Asymmetric Threats at Geospatial conferences. Creator of CATE™ (Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation). USPTO Patent 6625584 on eLogistics.

homas L. Fagan

Thomas L. Fagan

Senior leadership

with 35+ years’ experience in the technical domain. He was the General Chairman of the IEEE International Radar Conference held in Washington DC. At ITT Defense he was responsible for the Gilfillan Radar Division's Business Development for long range air defense radars, coastal surveillance radars, and Air Traffic Control Radars. While at GE Aerospace, he was responsible for Business Development of ground based and airborne radars. He led the Center of Excellence for Network Centric Warfare at Drexel University. He served in leadership at Blue Chip Companies including Gould Defense Electronics, ITT Defense Electronics, GEC-Marconi C4I Systems, General Electric's Aerospace Group. He was staff on the Senate Armed Services Committee. His career has spanned classified military space, remote sensing and C4ISR.

CDR Dennis Pendergist

CDR Dennis Pendergist (USN Ret Intelligence)


who is a former naval intelligence officer and maritime anti-terrorism intelligence chief with 25+ years’ experience in the maritime domain. Dennis also served onboard US Navy combatants in the Pacific and Atlantic fleets and worked with the intelligence and acquisition community on C4ISR systems operations and integration. Dennis served in the US Navy for two decades, acted as intelligence chief for the SeaHawk Maritime Task Force and Savannah River National Lab as an operational national security trainer.

Robert W. Sellers

Jeff Winchell

Senior Data Scientist

with a focus on natural language processing, deep learning and understanding complex causual relationships. A full-stack data scientist comfortable in agile software engineering, high-speed data wrangling, clear analytics presentations to managers and researching and implementing the latest machine learning/AI techniques. Jeff's avocations in geography and psychology supplement his formal training: a BA in Math from Northwestern University, and current work on a Master's in Data Science from Harvard University.

Steve Poserina

Steve Poserina

in technical leadership

over the past decade has focused on development, operations and product delivery. His bailiwick is to manage the ISR-PED capability offering seamlessly. He ensures our development and cloud-based operations run smoothly. He also manages the smooth flow of SAR data from the Surrey Satellite downlink facility and processing via SARscape and CATE™ Analytics. Seamless radar data ingestion and graphic user interface delivery earned him an IEEE ‘Young Engineer of the Year Award. He oversees the ‘Big Maritime & Radar Satellite Sensor Data’ environment. He was recently recognized by IEEE with the 2019 Benjamin Franklin Key Award.

Robert W. Sellers


in GIS leadership

has 20+ years of experience in GIS design, security, and implementation with expertise in sustaining and supporting high volume mission-critical 24/7 GIS production environments. Mark has extensive experience with ESRI and supported SeaHawk Maritime Task Force, Charleston post 9/11. Recognized in 2019 with the US Coast Guard Certificate of Merit for the development of a web-based AIS GIS system utilized in USCG and Interagency operations.

Shan Guruvadoo

Shan Guruvadoo

in AI leadership

is a Data Scientist with focus in neural networks and machine learning. He has experience implementing advanced mathematical techniques for computation, and has worked across disciplines, from engineering to physical oceanography. His work includes tidal harmonics at NOAA, with lead authorship in its technical report. Shan holds a BS in Mathematics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and MS in Environmental Science from Bethune- Cookman University.

Christine Atherholt

Christine Atherholt

valued team leader

for over 15 years. Since the early stages of our CATE™ technology development she played an integral role in managing contract compliance and product quality. She has a meticulous eye for detail when it comes to testing and delivering a high-quality user experience for our customers. She also leads all relationship management efforts with our data suppliers and technology partners such as IHS Markit, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, L3HARRIS etc.

Maj (Ret) Yong Pong HWA

Maj (Ret) Yong Pong HWA

based in Singapore has 35+ years’ experience in Military, Maritime Security and Sensor Technologies. His prior experience included business development for large prime contractors such as CAE and Lockheed Martin. He served in the Singapore Armed Forces. Maj (Ret) HWA has generated substantial interest in our ISR-PED offerings and remote sensing via his South East Asian relationships and presence.

Additional team members contribute skills towards artificial intelligence, machine learning and geospatial analytics. Our skills strategy also includes collaboration with best of breed experts to address hard problems surrounding national security. In our collaboration with OCONUS (Outside Continental United Sates) coalition partners we have outposts in Japan, Singapore and India.