Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR)

Unlocking Insights with Precision

At Space-Eyes™, our Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities redefine how we process, exploit, and disseminate vital information.

Contextual Analytics

Harnessing a diverse array of over 75 geospatial, non-spatial, and unstructured data sources, we address critical aspects such as sanctions, compliance, and governance. By integrating suspicion indicators, aggressor CONOPS, domain intelligence, and real-time knowledge management, we drive automated threat analytics, providing a comprehensive view of dynamic situations.

Persistent Surveillance

Our surveillance arsenal blends multiple assets, including sweeping broad-area radar (SAR) satellites every 90 minutes. Threat analytics operate in near real-time on the cloud, offering clear visualizations. A narrower X-band sweep every 10 minutes enables post-analysis threat validation and the swift issuance of Indications and Warnings. 

Multi-Sensor Fusion

In an era of rising asymmetric threats, national security demands innovative solutions. Our multi-sensor fusion seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, offering a holistic approach to safeguarding critical interests.

Asymmetric Threats

By leveraging AI/ML tools and analytics engines based on unclassified data sources, we develop insights into potential threat entity patterns of life, dark actors, anomaly detection, and rendezvous/swarm prediction. This complements classified sources and methods, enhancing situational awareness.

Broad Area Maritime Surveillance

Our SAR and AIS sensors, co-located on a low-earth orbit remote sensing platform, offer a 10:30 am equator crossing, sun-synchronous orbit. They precisely locate both compliant and non-compliant targets. The result is the identification of non-traditional asymmetric objects of interest and validated white shipping.

Automated Insights

Space-Eyes™ delivers solutions centered on the automated ingestion, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of context-rich data. We empower intelligence professionals and warfighters with low-latency insights that drive informed decision-making.
Protect your vital trade routes by proactively managing risk. Space-Eyes™ leverages detailed vessel behavioral history, compliance records, and ownership documentation to enable data-driven decision-making.

  • Vessel Tracking:
    Ensure vessels entering your ports adhere to known shipping routes, detecting deviations for unknown reasons.

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment:
    Utilize dozens of data sources for compliance and maritime benchmarking to identify emerging threats and predict deceptive shipping practices in advance, providing actionable context and insights. 
Detect, identify, and expose vessels engaged in illegal fishing within exclusive economic zones (EEZs) or controlled areas.

  • Collecting Evidence:
    Capture visual evidence of illegal, unregulated, or unreported fishing activities.
  • Preventing Piracy:
    Utilize space-based sensor data to safeguard fishing areas vital to our global economy and food supply from piracy.
Space-Eyes™ offers solutions to promote sustainable commercial fishing practices that align with established laws, regulations, and agreements. Our efforts aim to ensure healthy marine ecosystems, reduce overfishing, and combat illegal fishing.

Join us in safeguarding critical interests and fostering a sustainable future through precision ISR solutions.