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Space-Eyes Pioneers in Domain Awareness

Space-Eyes, LLC emerged as a response to the evolving landscape of Maritime Domain Awareness. Over the years, we have expanded our horizons to include Space Domain Awareness.

Guided by an experienced Board of Directors and led by proven leadership for two decades, we’ve cultivated numerous customer and industry relationships. By merging our expertise in soft skills with agile technology development and innovation, we consistently deliver Insight@Speed to the Aerospace and Defense community.

Experienced Board

Honorable Sue C. Payton

Former Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force/Acquisition 

Sue Payton’s extensive government service, including her role as the AF Service Acquisition Executive, brings unparalleled expertise in acquisition, procurement, R&D, and technology transition. With a background in small and large businesses, including Lockheed Martin, she adds invaluable insights into complex ground/space system architectures and mission operations.

Admiral Timothy J. Keating

USN (Retired) 

Admiral Keating’s illustrious career spans multiple high-ranking roles, including Commander of the United States Pacific Command and Commander of the United States Northern Command. His leadership emphasized active engagement with national and international partners to ensure security and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

General Kevin P. Chilton

USAF (Retired) 

General Chilton’s 34 1/2 year Air Force career culminated in his role as Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, where he oversaw plans and operations for U.S. forces conducting strategic nuclear deterrence, space, and cyberspace operations. His NASA astronaut experience and technical expertise make him a prominent figure in the aerospace and defence industry.

Professor Dr. Harbir Singh

Mack Professor Of Management At The Wharton School Of Management, The University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Harbir Singh, a leading academic, serves as the Co-Director of Wharton’s Mack Institute for Innovation Management and Vice Dean for Global Initiatives. His research interests span corporate governance, restructuring, joint ventures, management buyouts, and corporate acquisitions.

Proven Leadership

Capt. Jatin S. Bains

CEO & President Federal

Community – Maritime, Security 

With over 40 years in maritime domain awareness and two decades in ocean shipping companies, Capt. Jatin S. Bains brings a wealth of experience. He is known for creating the military-grade CATE™ (Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation) System and holds a USPTO patent.

Aiden Johnson


Community – US Army, C4I

Aiden Johnson boasts over a decade of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence, specializing in scalable solutions within the AWS environment. His expertise lies in integrating data from diverse sources, including IoT sensor data and satellite imagery.

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