Recent Updates (2021 and after)

Teamed with Centum Electronics India for miniaturized space-based sensors

Entered into a contract with EO and SAR satellite provider for special projects

Briefed capabilities to Senator Rubio, Vice Chairman Select Committee on Intelligence

Provided capability demonstration to a strategic Indian customer

Participated in SOCOM (TE 23-1) addressing South China Sea security use case

Supported warfighting TRIAD at Fort Carson, Colorado

Enhanced collaboration with S+P Global for commercial use cases

Provided capability demonstration to Armada de la Republica Argentina

Awarded new task order for addressing Space Domain Awareness

Executed Joint Capability Technology Demonstration for US INDOPACOM and US SPACECOM

CATE™ and Space-Eyes™ receive US Patent and Trademark Office certifications

Releasing SMART Sanctions with Launch Customer on June-14, 2022

Launching a ruggedized RF device for 'Tactical ISR' with Aeronix, Inc

Awarded USAF contract for capabilities supporting 'Next Generation ISR'

Supporting 'Sea Guardian 2022' for Processing-Exploitation-Dissemination

Opened a new office in Colorado Springs to support the US Space Force

Showcased 'ISR Watch' to the SOCOM community at SOFIC 2022

Releasing Multi-satellite multi-sensor fusion solution SMARTsanctions™

Teamed with Booz Allen Hamilton

Capt. Salil Chitre joins as VP Maritime

Teamed with Aeronix Inc to build specialized RF sensors

COL (Ret) Dan Enoch US Army joins as Sr. Vice President

Awarded a USAF Sequential Phase II-B SBIR Award

Hosted hackers for Miami Hack Week

Supported Havelsan, Turkey during the NATO MARSEC exercise in West Africa

Aiden Johnson promoted to Chief Technology Officer

Validated Rendezvous and Swarming Algorithms during US Wargaming

Reorganized Tech Stack for scalability post-DEVSECOPS deep dive

Integrated lessons learned from Arctic Edge 2021 exercise

Integrated sensor modalities (EO-IR and RF) into CATE™ Fusion Analytics

Participated in Gulf of Aden exercise with a new customer

Awarded a USAF contract to address Global Integrated ISR (GIISR)

Awarded a new contract from a customer in South-East Asia

MOU with Special Operations Command Pacific

Received a competitive IEEE Corporate Innovation Award

Participated in Arctic Edge 2021 exercise as an ISR-PED cell

Integrated sensor modalities (SAR, EO) into CATE™ Fusion Analytics

Integrated lessons learned from Valiant Shield 2020 exercise

Integrated NovaSAR satellite into CATE™ Fusion Analytics

IEEE Recognized CATE™ technology for ‘Technical Innovation’

CATE™ integration discussion with MAXAR sensor payloads

Space-Eyes™ enters into an NDA with SPACE-X for special projects