Historical Updates (before 2020)

Relocated Company headquarter from Camden, NJ to Miami, FL

Engaged EisnerAmper to ascertain Tech Stack valuation

Invited to present at PACT Capital Conference, Philadelphia

Teamed with Kratos Defense in response to a USAF BAA

Awarded a competitive USAF Phase II SBIR Award

Hon Sue Payton elected to Chairperson of the Board

ADMIRAL Tim Keating; GENERAL Kevin Chilton and MAJ GENERAL Cathy Chilton join the Board

Admitted to membership of SpEC Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)

Collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines

Teamed with AT&T Federal in response to a DARPA effort

Awarded new contract from Singapore Navy

Visited USAF stakeholder at Hickam AFB, Honolulu

Awarded ‘OSINT' contract from US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Awarded a competitive USAF Phase I SBIR award (post Accelerator)

Collaborated with US DOD stakeholders at the Catalyst Accelerator

Collaborated with RESTEC for Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF)

Joined the USAF ‘Space-based ISR’ cohort at Catalyst Campus

CATE™ technology selected by US Air Force Accelerator for Space-based ISR

CATE™ technology evaluated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) US Navy

CATE™ technology participated in the US DHS S&T Geospatial Evaluations

CATE™ participates in a Mediterranean project to gather actionable insights

Invited to present at numerous C-SIGMA conferences since 9/11

Teamed on numerous contracts with Lockheed, Northrop, General Dynamics, DRS, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton for Maritime Domain Awareness projects since 9/11

Invited to share ‘Maritime Security’ knowledge with various stakeholders at US Combatant Command, US Allies etc. as Subject Matter Experts

Recognized for ‘Maritime Security’ excellence on the Floor of the US Congress; Received US DOC Export Achievement Award; Received US DOC Export Clearance for CATE™ technology (with restrictions)