Space Domain Awareness

Shaping the Future of Space Security

Space Domain Awareness (SDA) is a critical and strategic imperative for the US Space Force. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the security and resilience of our assets in the cosmos.

At Space-Eyes™, we are actively contributing to the advancement of SDA through a partnership with the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). This collaborative effort encompasses extensive research and the application of our cutting-edge threat assessment and path prediction algorithms, enabling us to provide timely ‘Indications and Warnings’ to safeguard our space assets.

Our Research Initiatives

As part of our commitment to enhancing SDA, we are actively pursuing innovative research avenues, including: 

  • Color Correlations in the Visible and Near-Infrared Spectrum:

    Exploring the use of color correlations in the visible and near-infrared spectrum to enhance our understanding of space phenomena. 

  • Temporal Color Satellite Data:

    Identifying and defining the noise and background limitations of temporal color satellite data, enabling more accurate assessments.

  • Thermal Infrared Data:

    Investigating the feasibility of acquiring thermal infrared data from ground-based sources and evaluating its potential for space-based measurements. 

  • Distance-Independent Satellite Analysis:

    Developing methods to determine the thermal properties and mass of satellites, irrespective of their distance from observation points. 

CATE™ Technology at Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs:

Our office at Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs serves as a hub for innovation and exploration. Here, we leverage our proprietary CATE™ (Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation) technology to explore new applications and use-cases, further strengthening our capabilities in the realm of space security.

For more details on our SDA initiatives and how we are shaping the future of space security, please contact us via email at

At Space-Eyes™, we are committed to advancing Space Domain Awareness to protect the vital interests of the United States in the ever-evolving space environment.

Join us in this mission to ensure the safety and security of our presence beyond Earth’s atmosphere.